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Hi visitor! My name is Dan and I can usually be found lurking in CA meetings. I set this page up just to have a place to post meaningless information. I may add some real soon so stay tuned!

Currently I am living in Reno Nevada. There is a small CA fellowship here. But we're growing! I moved here in December 2001 from San Jose, California. where I enjoyed the friends I had made since moving there in September 1996 from Orange County, California.

For those of you who would like to know what it's like to live in California, press the "experience california" button...

My current interests include my kids, some of whose pics can be found here. Since their mom died in August of 2006 they've been taking pretty much all of my spare time. But we have a lot of fun together and they make me the happiest dad even when they frustrate the heck out of me! As you may have figured, I am also interested in nerdy type things like computer programming and web page design. Hey, Everyone's got a hobby. Please note the lack of tape on the bridge of my glasses. See? - I'm not that far gone...

So now you want to know what "Butt-Trusted" is all about eh? Well, let's look at the second tradition...
"Two - For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority - a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern."
Early in my recovery I noticed that Bill Wilson had a fixation with "but". If you have read anything he has written, you may have noticed it too. So anyway, when I started getting service commitments, I would say "Hi - My name is Dan and I am your Butt-Trusted literature person" or "Hi - My name is Dan and I am your Butt-Trusted treasurer", etcetera. As the months drifted by, people started calling out "Butt-Trusted" when ever I introduced myself to a meeting. Basically it means you can trust my butt. Being cautious of that highly flammable, processed cheese food substitute I lovingly call my brain is still recommended. After all, I'm not well yet...

If you are interested in knowing how many days of sobriety you have, please check out my sobriety calculator. If you would like to have me keep track of how much time you have, or if you would just like to see your name "up in lights" on the world wide web, please check out the Sobriety Birthday List.

Several people have asked me what I know about flare-ups. The flare-up page summarizes the information I have gathered.

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